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About Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University


IKBFU is located in the westernmost region of Russia, Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is indeed a unique place due to various reasons: - the city of Kaliningrad used to be a german city called Konigsberg, so the architecture of Kaliningrad is a mixture of both old German and modern Russian style - It is separated from the rest of the Russian Federation and takes its place in eastern Europe, between two countries: Poland and Lithuania, just by the Baltic Sea.


IKBFU was established in 1947 Gained status of a Federal university in 2010.

One out of 10 Federal universities in Russia
One out of 21 universities of excellence in Russia
Largest university in the Kaliningrad region
Total amount of students: 14,000 (with 7892 studying
within full-time programmes)
800+ international students from 46 countries
Academic staff: 776


Established in 2006 1726 students study at the Institute of Medicine at the moment
These students are from 31 countries and 20 regions of Russia
Competition to enter the Institute of Medicine:
26.4 applicants for 1 student’s position


The degree programme focuses on the study of biological processes in the human body, disease mechanisms, prevention measures, treatment, and strategies of medical assistance to the patient. The graduates can be employed in various healthcare institutions.

The goal of the programme is to Provide clinical skills and knowledge necessary to care for patients and their families, to train highly qualified professionals who can compete in the market of medical services. Benefits of the programme: The Institute of Medicine has a modern research and educational infrastructure: the anatomy centre, simulation clinic, accreditation centre, clinical and diagnostic centre, classrooms with 3-D screens.

• Duration of the Programme - 6 years
• Programme type – Fulltime
• Language of instruction - English


History, physics, foreign language, propaedeutics of internal diseases, bioethics, mathematics, psychology and pedagogy, intermediate level therapy, work-related diseases, history of medicine, chemistry, Latin, advanced therapy, endocricnology, law, IT in medicine, biology, therapy for out-patients, philosophy, biochemistry, anatomy, neurology, neurosurgery, economics, microbiology, virusology, histology, embryology, citology, dermatovenerology, immunology, regular phisiology, psychiatrics, medical psychology, pathological anatomy, clinical pathological anatomy, pediatrics, pathological physiology, clinical pathophysiology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, phthisiology, topographical anatomy and surgery, rediodiagnostics, valeology, emergency medicine, general surgery, hygene, intermadiate level surgery, urology, epidemiology, hospital surgery, pediatric surgery, pharmacology, traumatology, orthopedics, public healthcare, healthcare economics, otolaryngology, forensic medicine, ophthalmology, physical education, dentistry, oncology, radiotherapy, hyneacology, clinical pharmacology, medical rehabilitation, anaesthesiology, intensive care, intensive therapy.


History of Medicine in Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad, bioorganic chemistry in medicine, the Russian language and culture of speech, urogenital tumors, topical issues of medicine and law, biophysics, general first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, medical physics, clinical anatomy, sectional course, mathematical methods in medicine, business communication training, rational pharmacotherapy in neurology and surgery, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, health psychology workshop, oncology, applied physical training, clinical immunology, perinatal medicine, pain management, modern transfusiology.

Professional Training / Internship:
Graduates of the Institute undergo professional trainings and internships in various hospitals and clinics, City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care, the Regional Perinatal Centre, maternity hospitals of the region, the Kaliningrad Regional Children's Hospital, and the University Clinic of Lübeck Germany.

Why study Medicine at IKBFU

Well equipped facilities, including:
* Simulation Clinic
* Anatomy Theater
* Clinical Diagnostic Center
* Medical Library
(Opened in 2011)
Active research life of the Institute
Clinical internship in Germany
Vibrant student life
Perfect geographical location of the Kaliningrad region

Exchange programmes

The University currently holds 140 partnership agreements with higher educational institutions all over the world, which cover:

– traineeship abroad
– International mobility programmes
(Erasmus +, DAAD, Swedish Institute, 5-100 etc.)
– international conferences or lectures – double-degree programmes Universite Pier-
Mendes-France (Grenoble, France)
– Economics and Management programs;
and universities of Göttingen and Marburg (Germany)
– Law program.


Upon arrival, students are provided with the following furniture: bed, wardrobe, table, chair, bedside table, as well as a mattress, blanket, pillow and bedclothes.

7 student dormitories of the university offer various accommodation options, differ in the level of comfort, and distance a student needs to cover to reach the university's sports facilities and institutes. In accordance with the university's policy students accommodate in the dormitory nearest to the institute where a student has classes. Thus, the university puts efforts to save students' time and make them feel as comfortable as possible. International students from the same country are settled together so that they could support each other and help preserve their cultural traditions and customs.

• Kitchen on every floor
• 2-4 people in each room
• Free wifi


The administration of the University pays a lot of attention to the security of students and staff:
the entrance system is being upgraded constantly, as well as access control to all the facilities. All the security measures are made for students to feel safe in Kaliningrad, especially the students that are not from the region.


The University has indoor sports facilities (A Swimming pool (25 m on 6 lanes), fitness centers, and gyms), outdoor facilities, and a stadium. Outdoor facilities are located near places where students study and live so that they would be able to do sports both as a part of university training and in their free time.


The mentioned fees includes Tuition fees, Hostel Accommodation, Medical Insurance, visa registration, handling and transfer charges

• First year fees includes Translation, Nostrification / Legalisation of all Educational & Medical documents.
• The exchange rate is calculated approximately at the current rate 1 US$ = Rs.75/-, 1 US$ = 76 rubles.

Fees Details / English Medium

1st Year

5200 USDRs.3,90,000

2nd Year

4900 USDRs.3,67,500

3rd Year

4900 USDRs.3,67,500

4th Year

4900 USDRs.3,67,500

5th Year

4900 USDRs.3,67,500

6th Year

4900 USDRs.3,67,500


29700 USDRs.22,27,500

*The above mentioned fees includes First year medical student kit, Hostel Accomodation, Medical Insurance & Visa extension