Fee Details & MBBS Course

All payments to the university is to be made only in US$ and the rupee equivalent is calculated approximately at the current rate of US$ 1 = Rs.62/-‚ 1€ = Rs.69/-

The student should pay the tuition fee directly to the University. The fees paid to the University includes the Tuition Fee, Hostel Accommodation and Study Material for each academic year.

Medical Insurance should be take on arrival at the University which will cost approximately 60 to 200 US$/Year

Fee Details

Russian Medium
Preparatory Faculty : 1020 US$
Course fee : 2020 US$/ Year per Year
English Medium : 2720 US$ / Year per Year

Post Graduate Course : 2600 US$ per Year * For Specific availability of English Medium courses Please contact us before applying

Each student should carry 2000 US$ (Two thousands US Dollar) with him/her for food and other pocket expenses for each year in case of Moscow and 1000 US $ in case of other cities. Students traveling to cities other than Moscow will need 50 - 100 US$ for their travel.

The students are advised to take a medical Insurance which may cost about 100 US$ per year. In some universities insurance is compulsory.

A total amount of Rs. 1,50,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Fifty thousand only) to be paid by each student for registration, processing, admission formalities and other incidental expenses. An initial payment of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) should be paid along with the application form for registration at the time of applying to the course. Balance of Rs. 1,30,000/­(Rupees One Lakh and Thirty thousand only) to be paid on receipt of the admission letter from the University.

Obtaining the admission letter from the University Visa formalities Including visa fee One month pre-departure Russian language orientation programme (only for students enrolling on or before 10th July) Guidance In applying and receiving Eligibility Certificate from the Medical Council of India Assistance In preparing expenses and other necessary documents to apply for bank loan Air ticket (Chennal-Moscow) Immigration clearence for travel to Russia. Arrangement to receive the student on hls!her first arrival to Russia at the airport or at the railway station of the city where Institution of study Is located Providing vltal informatlon, Tips, Guidance and Assistance to the student during the entire course of study in Russia Providing Information about the students' progress and their academic performance to the parents periodically as and when received from the college( every semester) [* The Initial payment of Rs.20,OOO-/(Rupees Twenty Thousand only) shall be refunded only If the admission is not provided as sought by the student In the application form. All other fees paid are non- refundable.]

1. Machine Builing Department Metal - cutting machines and tools, Machine - building technology, Standardization, certification, Equipments and technology of welding fabrication, Machines and apparatus of food industry, Technology of sugary products, Life safety techno sphere, Engineering protection of environment, Quality management, Cars and Transportation management.

2. Engineering- technology Specialties Technology of ready-made garments, Technology of textiles, Chemical technology and finishing production equipment.

3. Instrument - making Specialties Electronic-computing devices design and Technology, Computers systems and networks, Computer software and automatized systems, Electric power supply and engineering, Bioengineering and Medical devices and systems, Engineering in bio-medicine practice, Mechotronics.

4. Civil Engineering Department Civil Engineering, Heat-gas supply and ventilation, Water treatment and supply, Real estate management and expertise.

*All departments offer English medium of instruction.


He/She should have passed Higher Secondary or equivalent with 40% of marks in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry as main subjects in case of admission for Engineering.


  • Bachelor course is for a period of 4 years in the case of Eng.
  • 5 years and 6 months in the case of a Masters Degree.
  • This will be preceded by a 10 months preparatory faculty if the medium of instruction is Russian.

Documents Required

  • 1. Filled-in application form
  • 2. Higher Secondary (10+2) mark sheet.
  • 3. HIV – AIDS Test Report with a Registered Medical Practitioners sign and seal
  • 4. Eight passport size photographs
  • * Notary verified copy at the time of submitting the application form. Original at the time of admission



The student should submit his/her filled in application form along with the registration fees* in way of D.D. favouring 'STUDY ABROAD EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS' payable at Chennai for Rs.20,000 + 12.36% service tax, the notary verified documents & Originals of Medical fitness and HIV report as mentioned in the application form.

The reports are valid only for 90 days and hence if you are applying well in advance, do not furnish any medical report and the same can be produced on demand from our office.


Student should apply for a passport if not available. The Russian immigration rule specifies that the passport should be valid for a minimum duration of 18 months from the date of entry. So if you already have a passport check for validity and if needed renew your passport. For any specific clarifications contact our student counselors.

* The registration fees of Rs. 20,000/- shall be refunded, only if the admission is not provided as sought by the student in the application form.


The application is forwarded to the concerned University. Once the confirmation is received from the University a confirmation letter is sent to the student informing the acceptance of his application and the last date of payment of the incidental fees.

The student is expected to pay the incidental fees and sign the necessary documents and agreements on or before the due date and confirm his/her admission.


After the student pays the balance incidental charges, signs the agreement, the passport copy of the student is sent to the concerned University for a visa support letter (invitation) from the Ministry of External Affairs, Russian Federation.

At this stage if the student does not have a valid passport then he can take a copy of the admission letter received from the University and submit to the respective passport office to get the passport on a priority basis.


The student joins a one month Pre-departure Russian Language programme at the Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai.

In case the student is not able to personally attend this programme then Study Abroad shall supply a set of books along with Audio CD for the student to undergo this course at home.


Once the invitation is received (period 4 – 12 weeks), the visa is stamped and the student is informed about the tentative date of departure. The student shall make arrangements to take necessary foreign exchange for the tuition fee to be paid to the University on arrival to Russia and for his/her living expenses.

Any help on this regards our counselors would be there to help you. Once the visa is ready, all travel documents including the flight ticket is handed over to the student.


On arrival to Moscow airport the student shall be received by the representatives of the concerned University. The student shall pay the fees to the University and complete the admission process.

Rules and Regulations

Realaible and secure platform

In case of the student's failure to make the payment in time or training, the Institute has the right to expel the student without compensation of money already paid for training.

Fresh and Clean

In case of the student's non-fulfillment of the year's curriculum for unconvincing reasons as well as due to poor health conditions, violation of academic discipline, criminal actions and systematic violations of internal regulations, the Institute has the right to expel the students without compensation of money paid for current year of training and all the preceding periods of training.

Easy to customize

In cases where the health impairment is of a temporary nature, the Institute administration may provide academic leave with the right of readmission in the same course.

The University provides

In case of Medical faculty, training of selected candidates, to offer them higher education at the M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) level as general practitioner with the following specialization, therapy, pediatric and dentistry in case of graduates and Training, internship, refresher course, specialization clinical training in the case of post-graduates.

Selected Canditates

In case of Medical faculty, training of selected candidates, to offer them higher education at the M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) level as general practitioner with the following specialization, therapy, pediatric and dentistry in case of graduates and Training, internship, refresher course, specialization clinical training in the case of post-graduates.

Russian language

Training in the Russian language for a minimum of nine months, in case of Russian Medium. Access to reading halls, library, sports halls and other facilities for training and recreation as provided to Russian students.

Hostel Facility

Residence in the hostel on conditions similar to Russian students for the whole period of training. (A two or three bedroom accommodation).

Rapid Customer support

The University provides visa support for each student for arrival to Russia and further provides the students with a local living registration for one year, which will be extended each year after the student pays the tuition fee for that particular year. If necessary to provide with visa support for parents to visit their son / daughter in Russia


kursk state Technical university

Kursk Region is located in the very heart of Russia and has always had a very special place in its history. But it is not only because of the geographic location of the region, but also due to the folk art and economy as well.

Kursk is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. The first written mention of the city occurs in 1032, though actually it was founded much earlier.

Kursk today is a big industrial and cultural center of Russia. There are many various industries here; metal, Textiles, Pharmacy, food stuff are also manufactured in Kursk.

Kursk theatres, libraries, museums, art galleries, stadiums, night clubs welcome every body.

Kursk is also a scientific center. There are a number of Universities and other educational institutions. One of them is Kursk State Technical University. Being the youngest and a fast growing center of education, information and social technology, Kursk Technical University is among the best Universities in Russia.

The University was founded in 1964 and in the 1994 it got its present name. In 2002 the University turned 38. through out its life were trained about 20 000 highly qualified professionals. In the mean time at the University more than 8 000 students are getting their degrees.

The head of the University is Rector Zakharov Ivan Safonovich, Doctor of physics and Mathematics, Academician. More than 500 lectures Work at the University. And there are 48 professors, 242 Philosophy Doctors and 48 Doctors of Science among them.

The training process at the University is based on the multy - level system. Students have a chance to get higher education diplomas with professionals, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree along.

At the University students are able to get a degree in more than 30 professions. Post graduations is also offered.

The University has good links with Universities and scientific centers of Russia and some other countries (Germany, Denmark...)

students from more than 29 countries of the world get their education in the University.

The University Russian Language department in cooperation with the ministry of education of Russian Federation holds, tests to all those wishing to master the Russian Language on a professional level, thus finally granting a right to foreign students to teach Russian as a second language.

finally granting a right to foreign students to teach Russian as a second language.

Besides that, as the foreign students wish, the department is able to provide short-term courses as well. Getting this type of a course is very propriety for business people. The biggest in the region University’s scientific library welcomes the students and provides them with a wide range of reference books, literature in science and arts.

There are also a number of hostels, a hotel, canteens, snack - bars and a medical center on the University’s campus.

The University provides all possible sport facilities at its gyms and sport grounds, where some national and international championships are regularly held.

There is quite a number of national and international cups winners among the students of the Technical University. Many students are involved in a mature art, music, drama, which are very popular at the University.

Machine-Building Department metal - cutting machines and tools, machine - building technology, standardization, certification, equipments and technology of welding fabrication, machines and apparatus of food industry, technology of sugary products, life safety technosphere, engineering protection of environment, quality management, cars and transportation management.

Engineering-technology Specialities Technology of ready-made garments, technology of textiles, chemical technology and finishing production equipment.

Instrument - making Specialties Electronic - computing devices design and technology, computers, systems and networks, computer software and automatized systems, electric power supply and engineering, bioengineering and medical devices and systems, engineering in biomedicine practice, mechatronics.

Civil Engineering Department Civil engineering, heat-gas supply and ventilation, water treatment and supply, real estate management and expertise.

Economics and Law Departments applied information science, management of the organization, accounting, analysing and audit, economy control at the enterprise, law.


Please complete the following form to have a Study Abroad Team Representative contact you..


Please complete the following form to have a Study Abroad Team Representative contact you..

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