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It was founded in the year1991 with the objective of bringing together foreign Universities & Indian Students. It was incorporated as a private limited company under the Indian Companies Act 1956.

Since its inception SAEC has successfully helped about 2500 Indian students complete their academic pursuits in their chosen profession in the Russian Federation, who are today Doctors and Engineers in various parts of the world. More than 1000 Students recruited by SAEC are currently pursuing their higher education at various leading Russian Universities.

SAEC remains involved with the students during the entire cycle of their academic pursuit starting from helping them obtain Admission offers till they receive their degrees. Solving the day today problems that may arise during the stay in Russia and making travel arrangements during holidays, is an integral part of Study Abroad's services. As a comprehensive package of service, parents are also kept informed about the academic progress of the students every semester on a regular basis.

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The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation appointed SAEC as its Authorised Representative in 1994 to select Indian students for admissions into various medical institutions in the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of the Russian Federation is the supreme authority, functioning under the Russian Government and the Medical Institutions of the Russian Federation come under its jurisdiction, control and human hair wigs supervision.
SAEC is the exclusive preferred representative of some of the world's leading Universities like Moscow Medical Academy, Russian State Medical University, Moscow State University & Moscow Aviation Institute to name a few. SAEC represents about 10 Medical Universities, 25 Engineering Universities of the Russian Federation.

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